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Using Public Phones

There are all different kinds of public telephones. The ones operated by NTT are usually pink, green or gray. There are also other phones that are different colors. These are usually those operated by different phone carriers and use either credit cards or prepaid cards and sometimes coins as well.

*Pink phones only accept coins and have a rotary-type dial face.

*The green phones are the standard type of public phones that accept both 10 yen and 100 yen coins (no change is given from 100 yen coins). And it also accept telephone credit cards. If there is a sticker on the front saying International and Domestic Card/Coin Telephone (or ISDN phones), to make an international call dial 001, the country code, area code and the phone number.

*Grey phones are phones that use ISDN (digital) lines.

*Telephone cards are sold at stores and vending machines in denominations of 500 yen and 1,000 yen.

*With any public telephone, take the receiver off the hook, insert coins or card, the dial tone will sound (steady tone). Then dial the number. A fast, intermittent bleep is the phone ringing. During the conversation, if a beep is heard it means either the last coin has dropped or you have run out of credits on your card. In the case of a card, the display that shows the number of remaining credits will start flashing. If no more coins or a new card is not inserted, the call will be cut off automatically.


Take it to a cleaner's, which will send them away to be machine cleaned. Usually returned well cleaned in a day or two, but check for any damage. There is a small compensation paid for damaged articles. -see the list at the shop. Large cleaning companies will store out of season clothing that might be damaged in certain weather conditions.
Hakuyo-sha 3460-1111
Will collect. House cleaning as well. Many branches.
Cleaning Kankyo Eisei Kumiai 3814-1447
Will help you if you have any trouble with cleaning companies.
Duskin Service Master 3725-4354
Cleaning (carpets, furniture, equipment, mops, etc.)

Maids, Baby-sitters

It's difficult to find a live-in maid at a reasonable rate; better to hire a part-timer. For a baby-sitter, try a student of one of the international schools. The companies below may supply English-speaking maids and baby-sitters.
Maids: >Maids: F\@E$T@ F\@E$T@
Tokyo Domestic Service Center 3584-4760 1 day, 8 hours -- 11,000~12,000 yen
Tokyo Maid Service 3291-3595 4 hours -- 7,700 yen
F\@E$T@ F\@E$T@ 1 day, 8 hours --11,000 yen
Duskin Merry Maids 5488-1381

Minimum charge is 1,200 to 2,700 yen for 2/3 hours. Some places charge a membership fee of 5,000 to 20,000 yen. Call the following companies for details.
JBS (Japan Baby-sitter Service) 3423-1251
Reiyukai 3586-7852
Nihon Baby-sitter 3822-8058
Kinder Network 3486-8278
Poppins' service 3447-2100
'Ai no ki' sitter service 3200-7504
Tokyo Baby-Sitter 3410-3496

Delivery Services

Japan's delivery services are probably the best in the world. However, their vehicles do cause traffic, parking almost anywhere in order to make all the deliveries in a restricted amount of time.

There are a wide variety of services offered by different companies so choose the appropriate one by considering the size and contents of your package.

Called 'Takuhaibin' -- for packages under 20 kilograms and of a total dimension of under 120 cm. Delivery in Tokyo or nearby prefectures the following day. Rates start at around 600 yen. Companies like Kuro-neko (black cat), Pelican, Kangaroo, give good service. There is no need to wrap the package securely like when using mail. You can choose the day of delivery for golf and ski equipment. Look for the animal logo at neighborhood shops and convenience stores - fill in a form and they will come to pick up the package at your home the same day or the next. 'Cool Takkyubin' -- delivery using a refrigerated vehicle, ideal for fresh foods.

Yamato (Kuroneko) 3541-3411
Sagawa (Running Postman in Edo Period) 3699-3000
Nittsu (Pelican) 3253-1111

Akabo -- is good for furniture and bulkier items. About the same price as a taxi fare but they will move goods the same size as a small car. Extra charge for bigger items.
Akabo 3866-8151
Akabo Service Center 3255-9166

Air cargo - for overseas delivery. Services improving all the time.

DHL Worldwide Express 5479-2580
Federal Express 0120-003200 (toll free)

EMS (Express Mail Service) at post offices. Kuro-neko also has an overseas service.


Recently catching on -- almost any item can now be rented, though companies catering especially to foreigners tend to be expensive.

Furniture, household appliances
From 1 month - 2 years, depending on the shop.
Tokyo Lease Corporation 3585-5801 Azabu
Heart International 3444-4051 Moto Azabu
Interservice Corp. 3586-6151 Higashi Azabu
(furniture only)

Complete rental shops
Electrical goods, cameras, sports and travel goods, things for the baby, personal computers:
Acom 3350-5081 Shinjuku
United Rent All 3794-3431 Meguro
Toso Rental 3819-2333 Arakawa-ku
Like 3561-2232 Ginza 1-chome
F\@E$T@ Specializes in cameras
(for amateurs and professionals.)

Records, video tapes
Most popular items in rental; shops everywhere. Check English language papers / magazines to find your local stores. Public libraries have free CD rentals. Ward libraries are for those who live or work in that ward only.

No rental, but listen to any of 30,000 records at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Listening Room.
the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Listening Room 3828-2111 Ueno
Classical music concert space available free of charge. Tokyo residents only.

Clothing, accessories
For weddings and other formal dress occasions there may be difficulty finding a suitable size or style.

Try these:
Dandy Area 3587-0332 Roppongi (Tuxedo etc.)
Signe 3725-3615 Jiyugaoka
(Bags, accessories etc., too.)

Beds, wheelchairs, crutches etc. for the disabled
Okubo Iryoki 3257-0777 Ochanomizu
Nihon Ability 3468-8000 Yoyogi (rental & sales)

Repair Shops

Hard to find. If you got something from a department store, they will fix it if it was purchased recently.

Electrical goods
Take back to the shop where you bought them. The warrantee card usually gives 1 year free repair service. Repair shops listed on the card.

Repair shops disappearing.
Mister Minit - in department stores and station buildings. Repairs while you wait. Mister Minit Division : 03-3406-6671

Size and style alteration.
Fuji Yofuku-ten 3710-0837 Ebisu (Size alteration)
Studio D 3462-3547 Shibuya Seibu Dept.
Kitamura 3451-6757 Mita
Reform Center Minowa 3792-9198 Meguro
Reform Step 3734-8050 Kamata

Toys -- Isetan, Shinjuku; Tokyu, Machida; Seibu, Shibuya (computer games, too); Tobu Department Store (computer games too); Kiddy Land, Harajuku.
Lacquer -- Kogeihin Center 3403-2460 Aoyama
Typewriters -- Kurosawa Co. 3571-8441 Ginza 6-chome
Piano -- Piano Tuning Center 3722-0053 Denen Chofu
Cameras -- Pentax Service Center 3571-5621 Ginza nishi 8-chome
Olympus Service Station 3251-9826 Ochanomizu

Recycle Shops

Recycling goods was never a Japanese custom, but the last few years have seen the spread of recycle shops that have an interesting variety of goods. Garage sales are catching on, with housewives organizing sales on a department store roof or similar rented space.
There are some shops where you can display your own items for sale. They charge a commission on the sale.
Everybody 3454-2727 Minami Azabu
Chester 3498-3032 Shibuya
Vintage Clothes 0324 3486-1535 Minami Aoyama
Etcetera 3498-7897 Nishi Azabu
Teisyaba 3949-0753 Komagome
Milky Way 3442-1645 Hiroo
Sacramento 3409-0237 Nishi Azabu
Garage Shop Nakanishi 3708-3930 Setagaya

Other recycle shops:
Yokoyama Kagu 045-261-1503 (furniture)
Flex Japan 3470-1401 Aoyama
(personal computers)
May Social Center 3384-3769 Suginami
Nakata Shoten 3831-5154 Ueno
(Army surplus shop)

There are also notice boards in banks, stores for buying and selling items as well as magazines.