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Restaurants in Tokyo
You won't have to change your dietary habits overnight, as Tokyo can offer virtually every cuisine in addition to the now world-famous "Japanese food". There are restaurants with a chef or owner from abroad, that serve authentic feasts, as well as those where the taste is modified somewhat to suit the Japanese palate.

This site does not list restaurants like those used by businessmen to win over clients, where the atmosphere is all that really matters and the expense has no bearing on the quality of food.

Expect to pay around 6,000-10,000 yen per person for a full-course dinner. Many places serve a set lunch at 1,000-3,000 yen, which will give you an idea of what they offer. (Remember that even places that are open
daily usually take a few days off at the year - end and new - year period.)

Pieces of chicken or vegetable broiled on a skewer. Usually enjoyed while having a few drinks at a cozy bar, most places now offer a full dinner course.

Tori-cho 3401-1827 Roppongi*
Nanban-tei 3402-0606 Roppongi*
Isehiro 3281-5864 Kyobashi (Sun./ Nat. Hol.)
Kushihachi 3403-3060 Roppongi (Sun.)
Bincho 5474-0755 Roppongi*

Robata - Yaki
Inakaya 3408-5040 Roppongi*

( (Mon.) : closed Mondays (*) : open everyday)

Cutlets, usually pork, cooked like kushiage. Other varieties are called chicken-katsu, fish-fry and prawn-fry. Katsudon is katsu cooked with egg and served in a bowl with rice -- a popular lunch.

Maisen 3470-0071 Omotesando*
Tonki 3491-9928 Meguro (3rd Mon. / Tues.)
Oraiya 3831-5783 Ueno (Mon.)
Fumizen 3262-7096 Hotel New Otani*
Sueyoshi 3586-4524 Akasaka (Sat./Sun./Nat.Hol.)

( (Mon.) : closed Mondays (*) : open everyday)

Made from soy beans, this is a protein-rich meat substitute in the Japanese diet. An essential part of vegetarian meals such as shojin-ryori (Buddhist monks' food).

Goemon 3811-2015 Komagome (Mon.)
Sasanoyuki 3873-1145 Taitou-ku (Mon.)
Tofu-ya 3582-1028 Akasaka (Sat./Sun./Nat.Hol)

Kaiseki & A La Carte
Kaiseki is authentic Japanese cuisine in its finest form. It is arranged so beautifully that it could be called an art form. The meal usually begins with a prolonged course of appetizers, and accompanied by sake, if you wish, which is no longer drunk once rice appears on the table. Appetizers may be such things as quail eggs, roe, broiled vegetables or fish, fish paste, steamed chicken or game, or raw fish. The next 'course' is a setting of side dishes and soup. The side dishes include a boiled dish, usually vegetables, a serving of meat or fish that has been braised or grilled, and a small dish of raw vegetables or fish dressed with vinegar or pounded sesame seed. The meal is of courtesies and rules are quoted on the subject of eating Japanese meals but other than in extremely formal company the dishes may be eaten in any order.

Tsukiji - Tamura 3541-0611 Tsukiji*
Hashimoto 3408-8388 Roppongi (Sat./Sun.)
Modern Tei 3456-3523 Hiroo (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Kisso 3582-4191 Roppongi Axis Bldg. (Sun.)
Yuzu-tei 3408-3578 Nishi Azabu
(No lunch service on Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Daikan Kamado 3403-5364 Roppongi*
Jisaku 3541-2391 Ginza (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Asakusa Mugitoro 3842-1066 Kaminarimon (Tue.)
Yanmo 5466-0636 Minami - Aoyama (Sun./Nat.Hol.)

( (Mon.): closed Mondays (*): open everyday)

Table Manners and Tips
Learning the way of another country is not just good etiquette, but a good way to avoid embarrassment. Table manners can differ widely between cultures, so here are some definite don'ts.

Chopsticks (Hashi)
Never try to pick up food that is already in someone else's chopsticks (Hashi) or pass food with chopsticks. This is how charred bones are put in urns at funerals. Also, never stick your chopsticks into a bowl of rice. This is the mannerism for making an offering before the tablet of the deceased. Don't move your plates with your chopsticks.

Rice (Gohan)
Pouring soy sauce on rice or putting your rice in miso soup is not considered good manners. Rice is usually eaten by itself.

Also, remember that Japanese portions are generally smaller and flavorings are more subtle compared to most Western servings. If you are invited to a Japanese meal, it's always polite to appreciate the delicate taste of each dish rather than gobbling them down in big bites.


Sabatini (Aoyama) 3402-3812 Kita Aoyama*
Canty 3583-7546 Azabudai*
Geno 3402-2227 Roppongi (Sun.)
Acqua Pazza 3470-0564 Nishi Azabu (Sun.)
Da Salvatore 5489-2271 Daikanyama*
La Boheme 3400-3406 Jingumae*
Al Porto 3403-2916 Nishi Azabu (Mon.)
La Scala 3265-9191 Kojimachi (Sun.)
Tullio 3400-6062 Aoyama (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Basta Pasta 3478-3022 Harajuku* (No lunch on Sun)
Blue Point 3440-3928 Meguro*
Manin 3478-3778 Jingumae (Sun.)
Corsica 3713-4496 Ebisu

Ban - Thai 3207-0068 Kabukicho
Erawan 3404-5741 Roppongi
Chiang Mai 3580-0456 Hibiya (Sat.)
Bangkok 3408-8722 Roppongi (Tues.)
Cay 3498-5790 Aoyama Spiral Bldg. B1 (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Menam 3404-4745 Nishi - Azabu
Lemon Grass 3289-7154 Ginza
Monsoon Cafe 5489- 3789 Daikanyama
Angkor Wat 3370-3019 Yoyogi*
Mekong River 3442-6664 Kami - Osaki

Health Food Restaurants /
Natural food restaurants

Natural House 3498-2277 Kita Aoyama*
Mominoki House 3405-9144 Aoyama (Sun.)
Bodaiju (Chinese) 3456-3257 Shiba (Sun.)
Tenzan (Chinese) 3275-2115 Tokyo Station*
Moti (Indian) 3479-1939
Akasaka Mitsuke*
Guruppe 3393-1224 Ogikubo (Sun.)
Yasai-Ichiba (Crayon House) 3406-6477 Kita- Aoyama
Gu 3485-2187 Shimokitazawa (Wed.)
Healthy Kan 3263-4023 Kojimachi (Sun./Nat.Hol.)

( (Mon.) : closed Mondays (*) : open everyday)

Bars and Pubs
Raku 3403-0868 Roppongi (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Hard Rock Cafe 3408-7018 Roppongi*
Mr. Bourbon 3402-2789 Roppongi (Sun.)
Radio Bar 3405-5490 Harajuku (Sun./Nat.Hol.)
The Crane 3951-0090 Ikebukuro*
K's Bar 3400-8885 Shibuya
Val's Bar 3403-8757 Nishi Azabu*
Chiantissimo 3404-6500 Nishi Azabu*
Barl's 5382-8046 NIshi-Ogikubo*
Billy Barew's Beer Bar 5722-1088 Ebisu (Sun./Nat.Hol)
Brussels 3403-3972 Harajuku (Sun./Nat.Hol)
Ginza Cruise 5568-7770 Ginza*
Heart Cocktail 3575-0207 Ginza*
Hibiya Saroh 3591-2411 Hibiya*
JBA Bar Suzuki 3572-0546 Ginza (Sun./Nat.Hol)
JW's California Grill 5530-1221 Ariake*

Wine Bars
The Wine Bar Roppongi 3586-7186 Roppongi*
Wine Keller Sawa 3574-1349 Ginza 8-chome (Sun./Nat.Hol.)

Many restaurants have good bars, and you can have a chance to see what the restaurant is like over a drink or two.

( (Mon.) : closed Mondays : (*) : open everyday)


Popular with all ages, Japanese-style food and interior.

Tsubohachi 3470-4488 Roppongi*


Masumoto 3501-9820 Toranomon (Sat./Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Hananoren 3837-5686 Ueno
Kaisen Komachi 5210-2005 Suidobashi

( (Mon.) : closed Mondays (*) : open everyday)

Catering Services
For large parties ask a hotel, banquet service, or your favorite restaurants. Some sushi and yakitori shops provide catering too. They will sometimes send a chef .

Tokyo Banquet Produce 3556-6851 Nagatacho (Sat./Sun.)
Pole Star 3271-0741 Marunouchi (Sat./Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Tokyo Kaikan 3215-2111 Marunouchi*
Parole 3409-5039 Nishi Azabu (Sat./Sun./Nat.Hol.)
Coupole 3582-4035 Akasaka (2nd, 4th Sat/Sun./Nat.Hol.)
A. Leconte 3402-5991 French cake (Sun.)
Le Recamier 3408-5044 French (Mon.)
La Scala 3265-9191 Italian (Sun.)
Kisso 3582-4191 Japanese (Sun.)

Specialty stores
Fauchon/Paris Mars 3211-4111 Takashimaya Dept. B1
Dalloyau 3241-3311 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
Spice House 3477-4702 Shibuya Tokyu Toyoko B1
Enoteca (Wine) 3280-3634 MInami Azabu (Hiroo)
( (Mon.) :closed Mondays (*) :open everyday)

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