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Department Stores - Basic Information
Here in Tokyo, visiting a department store does not necessarily mean going shopping. It might be to see an art exhibition, to amuse the children, or just to relax and finish off knitting a sweater. Some stores used to boast that they sell everything except coffins, but since there are now stores that will reserve you a place in the city cemetery, this catch phrase is as good as dead. Every store has its galleries, museums and spaces for events and recreation so people go for a variety of reasons. Where else can you find daily essentials, art from ancient Egypt, European painting, American modern art and handicraft from villages deep in the Japanese countryside, all under the same roof?

It's no exaggeration to say that department stores have a role in the growth and popularization of Japanese culture. Over recent years, stores have been expanding their services to customers to include courses of study, rental goods and travel information and booking. They are doing their utmost to cater to everyone, no matter how individual their needs, so it makes sense to take advantage of what they offer.

The information Desk is always by the entrance on the first floor.
A store guide in English is available.

Department Stores - Various Services
*Delivery - The store will deliver any purchase for you. Delivery within Tokyo, and sometimes to neighboring prefectures, is free of charge and takes three or four days at the most. Deliveries can also be made on an appointed day.

*Cloakroom - Stores will keep your bags for you while you shop, though there is no cloakroom as such.

*Baby care - There is a room available for changing diapers and feeding. Some stores have a minder who will look after your baby while you shop. Baby carriages are also available.

*Size alteration - If a desired item of clothing does not quite fit, it can be altered. The charge is usually around 1,000 ~ 3,000 yen per item.

*Bargains - Most stores have a section where cut price articles can always be found. Also, on each floor, there is a cart filled with goods at reduced prices. The food department marks down certain perishable foods just before the store closes. Clothing for a particular season is displayed the season before at regular prices, but when that season arrives the prices are cut. Sales of furniture are also often held. There are two big annual sales in the summer and winter. The red figures on the price tag show the sale price.

*Other discounts - As a rule, stores sell goods at the manufacturer's suggested retail price, though they issue their own respective member's cards which give the holder discount privileges.

*Gift tokens - Gift-giving is an important custom in Japan. When it is hard to decide on an ideal gift, coupons exchangeable for goods of a certain value are presented instead. It is not customary to give cash as a present except on certain occasions. There may be a small tax charged when you buy certain coupons.

*Returning goods - If you are sent something you do not like, you can exchange it at the store where it was bought. It must be in its original wrapping. Bear in mind that this does not apply to foodstuffs or to gifts received from a business company as the method of purchase is different.

*Hours of business, holidays - All stores close for one day sometime during the week, but are always open on Sundays. Hours of business are generally from 10 a.m.- 7 p.m., but some stores stay open until later in the evening

Printemps Ginza
3567-0077 JR Yurakucho Station

A Japanese branch of "Printemps" in Paris, France. The western tableware section has a fine selection and the "lucky bags", only sold at New Year, are well-known. Angerina, a cafe on the 1st floor, is popular for its "mont blanc", a French cake, which are exactly the same as those sold in Paris.

5361-1111 JR Shinjuku Station
Closed Wed.

By the south entrance of the station, Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square is a huge department store and shopping mall that is one of the newest, opened in 1996. Not only does it consist of a department store, which in itself has a great selection of items, but also includes specialized shops such as Kinokuniya Book Store, Tokyu Hands, HMV, Sega's Joypolis, the Tokyo IMax Theatre where you can watch 3D movies and amusement squares such as Kinokuniya Sazan Theatre.

3567-1211 Subway: Ginza
Closed Tue.

Popular with male customers. Interesting selection of furniture and crafts.

3286-0111 Subway: Ginza
Closed Wed.

Setting the trend for a new era with new lines in original and imported goods.
Interesting layout that combines the shopping area and gallery space.

3575-2231 Subway: Ginza
Closed Thu.

In the same building as Seibu, each floor leading directly to its rival's.
Emphasis on fashion.

3241-3311 Subway: Nihonbashi
Closed Mon.

Noted for being the longest-established store. Has a fine array of goods:
from Tiffany's and Harrod's to Japanese furniture and, of course, traditional
Japanese quality products such as kimonos.

Tokyu Main Store (Honten)
3477-3111 JR Shibuya station
Closed Wed.

Has a huge parking lot. Comfortable, homely atmosphere.

3352-1111 Subway: Shinjuku 3-chome
Closed Wed.

Primarily for the young. Of particular interest are the oriental tableware and
crafts sections. The new department has goods for men.

3342-1111 JR Shinjuku station
Closed Tue.

A store with an orthodox layout and large floor space. From the fourth floor up there is a separate department called Halc which specializes in furniture and home interior items.

3342-2111 JR Shinjuku station
Closed Thu.

Alongside Odakyu over the west entrance to Shinjuku station. Has a smaller floor area but it is easier to find what you want. Popular for its restaurant which serves Kyoto cuisine.

3354-0101 JR Shinjuku station
Closed Wed.

Started out specializing in credit and now it has everything for the young shopper.

Tobu Department Store
3981-2211 JR Ikebukuro Station
Closed Wed.

This spacious and bright-atmosphered store is subdivided into "streets" and "blocks", so that the section you are looking for can be easily found. Here, the art gallery is also well-known for its exhibitions.

Phone numbers for other department stores

Ginza / Yurakucho
SEIBU 3286-0111
SOGO 3284-6711
NEW MELSA 3573-5511
HANKYU Sukiyabashi 3575-2231
PRINTEMPS 3567-0077
MATSUYA 3567-1211
MITSUKOSHI 3562-1111

Nihonbashi / Tokyo
DAIMARU 3212-8011
MITSUKOSHI 3241-3311

SHIBUYA 109 3477-5111
SHIBUYA 109-2 3477-8111
PARCO 3464-5111
SEIBU 3462-0111
TOKYU HANDS 5489-5111
TOKYU Toyoko 3477-3111
TOKYU Honten 3477-3111

ISETAN 3352-1111
ODAKYU 3342-1111
KEIO 3342-2111
TOKYU HANDS 5361-3111
BARNEY'S New York 3352-1200
MARUI 3354-0101
MITSUKOSHI 3354-1111
LUMINE 3348-5211

PARCO 5391-8000
SEIBU 3981-0111
TOKYU HANDS 3980-6111
TOBU 3981-2211
MARUI 3989-0101
MITSUKOSHI 3987-1111

Ueno / Akihabara
Akihabara Department Store 3251-2161
ABAB UENO 3833-3111
MARUI 3833-0101

ISETAN 0422-21-1111
KINTETSU 0422-21-3331
TOKYU 0422-21-5111
MARUI 0422-48-0101
LON LON 0422-21-3351

Other areas
ELNARD 3638-2811 Kameido
SUN KAMATA 3737-5111 Kamata
SEIBU 3846-0111 Kinshicho
SOGO 0423-39-2111 Tama
TAKASHIMAYA 3709-3111 Futakotamagawa
TOKYU HANDS 3708-1211 Futakotamagawa
TOKYU HANDS 0427-28-2511 Machida
TOKYU PLAZA 3733-3281 Kamata
PARCO 0424-89-5111 Chofu
PARCO 0424-25-5000 Hibarigaoka
MATSUYA 3842-1111 Asakusa
MARUI 3458-0101 Oimachi
MARUI 3635-0101 Kinshicho
MARUI 3723-0101 Jiyugaoka
MARUI 3382-0101 Nakano
MITSUKOSHI 5423-1111 Ebisu
METRO M 5800-2200 Kourakuen
LUMINE 3888-7552 Kitasenju
LUMINE 0425-27-1411 Tachikawa

Shopping Complexes and Others
While not having quite as large a selection of goods as the department stores, these places are innovative and entertaining for their assortment of specialty shops.

3587-2781 Subway: Roppongi
Closed Sun.
(Individual shops may close on different days.)
Also called 'Living Design Concept', this center has stores specializing in furniture, lighting fixtures and miscellaneous goods to name just a few. The gallery, French restaurant and Japanese restaurant each has its own special appeal.

5489-5111 JR Shibuya Station
Closed 2nd & 3rd Mon.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or just feeling creative you can find all you need here. Tools and materials for carpentry and handicraft, things for the home and office, party goods, bicycle parts, you name it. Wood and metal cut to order. Classes in handicraft are also available. Branches in Machida, Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.

3477-5731 JR Shibuya station
Open every day

In three parts: Parts One and Two cater almost exclusively to young people and
house mostly boutiques. Part Three features home interior goods, space for
holding events and displays.

Quattro by Parco
3477-8700 JR Shibuya Station
Open everyday

Interesting concerts and events as well as unisex clothes at the Quattro by PARCO.

La Foret
3475-0411 JR Harajuku station

A wealth of boutiques for young people. The Yamashita bookshop on the top floor has a good selection of books on art and design, including Manyin English.

Bell Commons
3475-8111 Subway: Gaienmae
Open every day

Plenty of boutiques for adults and clothing material shops with many patterns. Complementary classes in dressmaking. On the eighth floor there are classes in yoga, aerobics, modern dancing and tap dancing. Ticket holders are free to choose any class.

3462-3616 JR Shibuya Station
Closed Wed.

3408-0111 Subway: Roppongi
Closed 1st & 3rd Wed

Part of the Seibu chain, this is a new concept in store design. The Art Vivant bookstore, recording studios, computer graphics and a movie theater for special screenings. Video rental service.

Ebisu Garden Place
5423-7111 JR Ebisu Station

A commercial complex built on the original site of Sapporo Beer's Ebisu factory. Mitsukoshi department store, Tokyo Photography Gallery, Garden Cinema, Garden Hall, Taillevent Robuchon which is an incorporation of 2 famous French restaurants in Paris, surround these beautiful spacious grounds.
At the far end, Westin Tokyo, one of the very few hotels in Japan with a heliport , soars above. In the basement of Taillevent Robuchon, there is the popular wine shop "Party", which has a wide variety of goods, from daily to high class.

DECKS Tokyo Beach
5500-5050 Yurikamome Odaiba Kaihin Kouen Station

Located on the waterfront, this is one big entertainment complex, housing everything from Sega's Joypolis, restaurants, shops, a "boardwalk", even a brewery! Another popular date spot for couples.

Outlet Stores
Yokohama Bayside Marina
Kanazawa Seaside Line Torihama Station

The largest marina in the country. Not only has shops but is an entertainment dstrict in itself. Shops include factory and outlet stores from Guess, Coach, J-Crew, Reebok, Levis, Timberland, Eddie Baur and more.

X Site World Marketplace
042-767-1500 Odakyu Line Sagami Ohno Station

Located nearby, this place features a total of 33 outlet shops including Pier 1 Imports, Guess, Nike and other stores.

049-269-3939 Tobu-Tojo Line Fujimino Station

Located nearby in Saitama. Stores include Guess, DKNY, Eddie Baur, Benetton, Coach and more.

Specialty Shops
Shimura Kogei-ten 3400-6322 Harajuku Crafts from all over Japan
Oriental Bazaar 3400-3933 Harajuku

Folk-art Objects
Bingoya 3202-8778 Shinjuku, Wakamatsu-cho
Takumi 3571-2017 Ginza 8-chome
Tsukamoto 3461-4410 Shibuya, Tokyu Plaza 4F.

Specialty Shops -- Old Japanese handmade articles/Woodblock

Old Japanese handmade articles
Iwai Shoten 3668-6058 Nihonbashi Lacquered bamboo trunks
Hanato 3841-6411 Asakusa Paper lanterns
Fujiya 3841-2283 Asakusa Towels
Kyosendo 3666-7255 Nihonbashi Fans
Kyugetsu 3861-5511 Asakusabashi Dolls
Iidaya 3841-3644 Asakusa Umbrellas

Artist's Materials, Stationery
Itoya 3561-8311 Ginza 2-chome
Materials, frames, Japanese paper, stationery
Tokyu Hands 5489-5111 Shibuya
Japanese paper, stationery
Lapis 3583-0861 Roppongi, Axis
Japanese paper, stationery

Japanese Paper (washi)
Sekaido 5379-1111 Shinjuku
Haibara 3272-3801 Nihonbashi
Washi Kobo 3405-1841 Nishi Azabu
Isetatsu 3823-1453 Taitou-ku

Flea Markets
Depending on the weather, open-air antique fairs are held on the grounds of Tokyo's shrines. Get there early in the morning if you want to make a real find.

Monthly schedule:
1st Sunday Togo Shrine (Harajuku)
(Araiyakushi-mae, Seibu Shinjuku line)
2nd Sunday Nogi Shrine (near Roppongi)
3rd Sat. & Sun. Sunshine City Alpa (Ikebukuro)
3rd Sunday Hanazono Shrine (Shinjuku)
4th Sunday Yushima Tenjin Shrine (Yushima)
4th Thurs. & Fri. On the steps of Roppongi Roi Bldg.

Inquiries about the markets can be made at Kotto Ichi.

Aoyama Book Center 3479-0479 Roppongi
5485-5511 Jingumae
Maruzen 3272-7211 Nihonbashi
Kinokuniya 3354-0131 Shinjuku
Sanseido 3233-3312 Kanda, Jinbocho
Yaesu Book Center 3281-1811 In front of Tokyo Station
Jena 3571-2980 Ginza 5-chome
Tuttle 3291-7071 Kanda
Ryusui Shobo 3470-2211 In Aoyama Twin Tower
Italia Shobo 3262-1656 Jinboucho (Italian)
Omeisha 3262-7276 Iidabashi (French)
Kitazawa Shoten 3263-0011 Jinboucho (Social)
Kokusai Shoten 3292-6451 Ochanomizu (Law)
Shimada 3470-3863 Omotesando (Design)
Sinshoudo 3261-1580 JInboucho (Dictionaries)
Shubunsou Shoten 3292-7877 Ochanomizu (Economics)
France Tosho 3346-0396 Shinjuku ( French)
Yurinsha 3814-0275 Hongo (Sciences)
Biblos 3200-4531 Takadanobaba (Education. Paperbacks)
Wonderland 3233-2507 JInboucho (Novels)
Asia Bunko 3237-9577 JInboucho (Asian)
Uchiyama Shoten 3294-0671 JInboucho (Chinese)
Kaifu Shoten 3291-4344 JInboucho (Taiwanese. Hong Kong)
Sanchudo 5378-0251 Asagaya (Korean)
Toho Shoten 3370-6769 Shibuya-ku Yoyogi (Chinese)
Toho Shoten 3294-1001 Jinboucho (Chinese)
Hotaka Shoten 5430-0331 Ikejiriohashi (Asian, African)
Yamamoto Shoten 3261-0847 JInboucho (Chinese)
Art Vivant 3405-5885 Roppongi, WAVE 4F
Enderle 3352-2481 Yotsuya (German)
Manantial 3264-0788 Ichigaya (Spanish)
Bonjinsha 3239-8673 Kojimachi (Japanese)

Bookstores also in hotels: Okura, New Otani, Imperial

Everybody needs a little music in their lives. No matter what genre you listen to, you're sure to find what you're looking for. Try some of these stores first.

Tower Records (Shinjuku) 03-5360-7811 Located on the 7th floor of FLAGS
03-3496-3661 The largest Tower Records store in the world.
HMV (Shibuya) 03-5458-3411
(Shinjuku South) 03-5361-3060
(Shinjuku East)
Virgin Megastore (Shinjuku) 3353-0053  
Disc Union (Shimokitazawa) 3467-3231 Sells new and used CD's
(Shinjuku) 3352-2691 7 floors of CD'S!
Recofan 5454-0161
(Does not disclose numbers of each store)
Stores in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, Ikebukuro and other places.
New and used CD's

There are numerous other stores that sell new and used CD's and vinyl records. You can find a lot of these in place like Shibuya, Shinjuku and Kichijoji among other places. If you take a little walk and stroll down one of the side streets you might find what you've been looking for.

Slaves to the latest in fashion trends, there are countless stores where people can buy the latest designs. Some towns you're sure to be able to find and buy the latest fashions include Harajuku, Shinjuku, Aoyama, Daikanyama and it just starts there. There are clothes stores everywhere, again, just take a little stroll and see what you find!

Need clothes in the middle of the night?
Jeans Mate
0120-611-991 Stores all around town. Stores open 24 hours a day include Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Kichijoji and more.

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