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Radio and Television
FEN is the AM English language station for the American military, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Some FM stations include FM Tokyo, NHK FM, J Wave, FM Yokohama, Bay FM, Nack 5 and Inter FM. With the exception of Inter FM stations have on air, the occasional foreign DJ. If you have a short wave radio, it is worthwhile listening to the BBC, VOA, Radio Australia, etc.
Frequencies vary. Schedules are available from Radio Japan at 3465-1111.

Tokyo FM 80.0 MHZ
J Wave 81.3 MHZ
FM Yokohama 84.7/80.4 MHZ
Bay FM 78.0 MHZ
Nack 5 79.5 MHZ
Inter FM 76.1 MHZ

The seven Japanese television channels broadcast in Japanese, but with a multiplex adapter you can listen to some news in English and some foreign movies in the original language. There are also cable TV stations that broadcast in English (JCTV, CNN, Tokyu CATV, CTT and TCN) that can be viewed at hotels and some apartment buildings in Tokyo. There is also NHK BS and Wowow (Broadcast Satellite). In addition, there is PerfecTV and DirecTV. To receive any of these, you will need to buy a satellite dish and decoder. In order to view PerfecTV and DirecTV, you will also need to go through a registration process.
CNN TOKYO 3470-4121
CTT (Cable Television Tokyo) 3432-0022
TCN (Tokyo Cable Network) 3814-2600
NHK 3465-1111
Wowow 0120-380-805

First run movies are called 'Roadshows' and they run for weeks at the main theaters. There may only be standing room at the "Roadshows", but Sunday mornings and late shows in the Hibiya area are usually less crowded. Tickets can be bought at a reduced price if bought in advance and seats can be reserved at the box offices. Moreover, the "Roadshow" theaters have four "CINEMA DAYS" a year (March 1, Jun. 1, Sep. 1, Dec. 1) on which you can buy 1,000 yen tickets at the box-offices. If "CINEMA DAY" falls on a Sunday, it will be moved to the next day.

Movie Theaters

Asakusa Asakusa Chuei 3841-2400
Ebisu Ebisu Garden Cinema 1&2 5420-6161
Ginza Cine Switch Ginza 3561-0707
Ginza Bunka 3561-0707
Ginza Cin* Pathos 1 3561-4660
Hibiya Chanter Cine 1,2,3 3591-1511
Hibiya Eiga 3591-5353
Hibiya Scala-za 3591-5355
Marunouchi Louvre 3214-7761
Marunouchi Picadilly 1&2 3201-2881
Marunouchi Champs Elyses 3535-4740
Miyuki-za 3591-5357
New Toho Cinema 1 3571-1946
Nichigeki Plaza 3574-1131
Nihon Gekijo 3574-1131
Shochiku Central 1&2 5550-1631
Togeki 3541-2711
Yurakucho Subaru-za 3212-2826
Iidabashi Ginrei Hall 3269-3852
Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa 3986-3713
Cinema Sersa 3986-3713
Cinema Sunshine1,2,3,4,5,6 3982-6101
Ikebukuro Joy Cinema 1 3971-8361
Ikebukuro Joy Cinema 2 3971-8362
Ikebukuro Joy Cinema 3 3971-8796
Theatre Ikebukuro 3987-4311
Ikebukuro Tokyu 3971-2727
Jinbocho Iwanami Hall 3262-5252
Kinshicho Kinshicho Scala-za 1&2 3631-7020
Meguro Meguro Cinema 3491-2557
Nakano Nakano Musashino Hall 3389-3301
Roppongi Cine Vivant Roppongi 3403-6061
Haiyu-za Cinema Ten 3401-4073
Shibuya Cine Amuse East 3496-2888
Cine Amuse West 3496-2888
Cinema Rise Shibuya 3464-0052
Cine Saison Shibuya 3770-1721
Eurospace 1&2 3461-0211
Le Cinema 1&2 3477-9264
Parco Space Part 3 3477-5858
Shibutoh Cine Tower 1,2,3,4 5489-4210
Shibuya Cine Palace 3461-3534
Shibuya Joy Cinema 3462-2539
Shibuya Hermitage 5467-5774
Shibuya Pantheon 3407-7219
Shibuya Shochiku Central 3770-1990
Shibuya Tokyu 2 3407-7029
Shibuya Tokyu 3 3407-7019
Shinjuku Cinema Milano 3200-0888
Cinema Square Tokyu 3232-9274
  Shinjuku Village 2 3351-3127
Theatre Shinjuku 3352-1846
Takadanobaba Takadanobaba Toei Palace 3208-6606
Waseda Shochiku 3200-8968
Ueno Ueno Central 3832-0057
Ueno Takarazuka 3831-3431

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