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Hibiya Park - A place of repose in Tokyo's office and business area. Has an open-air concert space, a public hall and library.
Subway: Hibiya Information: 03-3501-6428

Yoyogi Park
- large park near the Meiji Shrine. The expanse of green grass in the center makes an ideal spot for the family to get some exercise. There is also a cycling course.
JR Harajuku station. Information: 03-3469-6081

Meiji Jingu Gaien
- the outer garden of Meiji Shrine, also called Meiji Olympic Park. Contains the National Stadium, a baseball stadium, several other sports facilities and a picture gallery showing scenes from the Meiji era. Avenues of gingko trees. Perfect for jogging.
Aoyama / Gaienmae Information: 03-3401-0312

Ueno Park - forms the cultural center of the city as it has the National Museums and galleries. Noted for its cherry blossoms in the spring and a fair held beside the Shinobazu pond in summer.
JR Ueno station Information: 03-5685-1181

Komazawa Olympic Park - Used for the Tokyo Olympics. Gymnasium facilities, cycling course and plenty of open space. A popular spot for family outings.
Shin Tamagawa line: Komazawa Daigaku-mae Information: 03-3421-6121

Kinuta Ryokuchi Park - originally a public golf course. Has a plaza, a river, a cycling course, and a sanctuary for small birds. The site of the Setagaya Art Museum with its splendid concert hall.
Shin Tamagawa line: Yoga Information: 03-3700-0414

Baji Park - Outdoor and indoor riding grounds with 120 horses. Displays of horsemanship are also held. Birds and seasonal flowers are always in abundance.
Shin Tamagawa line: Yoga Information: 03-3429-5101

Tokyo-to Yacho Park - a paradise for wild birds with ponds, marshes, trees and grassland. Binoculars and pictures of the wildlife are available.
From JR Shinagawa station take the bus going to Oimachi Higashi Guchi. About 30 minutes to Yacho Koen. Information: 03-3799-5031

Kasai Rinkai Park - a park well-known for its uniquely designed building. Contains a beach, park area and an aquarium. A famous date spot.
JR Kasai Rinkai Koen station. Information: 03-5696-1331

Nogawa Park - Used to be part of ICU (International Chrsitian University) and later a golf course until the mid '70s is now a beautiful park with trees and lawns. A place to enjoy nature when you become tired of asphalt and concrete. Take JR Chuo Line to Mitaka and from there, take a bus going to Musashi-Koganei, and get off at Nogawa Koen-mae.
Information :0422-31-6457

Umi no Kouen (Ocean Park)
Artificial beach reclaimed by the city of Yokohama. The beach is about a kilometer long and is a popular spot during the summer. To get there, take the Keihin Express Line and get off at Kanazawa Hakkei Station. From there, walk three minutes to get on the Kanazawa Seaside Line and get off at Umi no Koen Station.
Information: 045-701-3200

Makuhari Kaihin Park
This park along the sea engulfs Marine Stadium, home of Chiba Lotte Marines baseball team. This is a newly developed area with a big exhibition center, Makuhari Messe. You can also visit the Japanese garden in the park that balances the old and the new. To get there, take the Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station to Kaihin Makuhari Station.
Information: 043-296-0110

Nanasawa Forest Park
- In order to protect the trees, this park sponsors various events such as raking the leaves, even baking pizza. It also has a course for walking and a BBQ area, in addition to the numerous flowers that can be seen growing in the park.
Information: 0462-47-9870

Tamagawa Gohonmatsu
- Located along the Tama river, it is a popular location for TV programs and movies. You can enjoy bird watching, with over 100 species of birds, and rent a boat to take a leisurely "cruise". Information: 03-3430-1111

Ikuta Ryokuchi - Along with the park, you can take a look at buildings that were constructed 200 to 300 years ago. You can also take in some sights at the planetarium as well. Information: 044-922-4731

Amusement Parks
There are loads of amusement parks to choose from. They can be divided roughly into two types. The outdoor types feature all the rides and attractions that you would normally expect, like roller-coasters, merry-go-rounds and the like. The second, indoor types feature state-of-the-art electronic games and virtual reality attractions.

Cosmo World - small park located near Yokohama Bay. Free Admission. Has the largest ferris wheel in the world among various other attractions. Also contains a beautiful park.
045-221-0232 Closed Mon. (Closed weekdays in Feb. & Mid-Mar.)
JR Sakuragi-cho

Korakuen Theme Park
An exciting theme park in the center of Tokyo. Open until 9pm, you can drop in after school or work. A compact park divided into 4 areas, "Coaster Land", "Parachute Land", "Tower Land" and "Geopolis". The "Tower Hacker", where you fall from a height of 80m, is a popular attraction. There are also events held for each season, such as Halloween, Christmas etc.
03-3811-2111 Open every day. JR Suidobashi

A large theme park of 36 attractions with a thrilling screaming machine in the center. There are many attractions where you can scream to your heart's content. For example, "Top Spin" where you can choose from 2 levels and "Flying Pirates", a large pirate's ship. There are attractions that can also be enjoyed by children such as an insect house that has a collection of insects from all over the world. In the summer, one of the city's largest pools is opened here and there are also fireworks displays.
03-3990-3131 Closed Wed. Seibu Ikebukuro line: Toshimaen

Asakusa Hanayashiki
Since its foundation in 1823, for over 150 years, it has been popular as a downtown jack-in-the-box that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. While taking a ride on the "Roller Coaster", made in 1953, the first domestic-made roller coaster in Japan, or walking through "Ghost House" which has been famous for many years for its spookiness, you can enjoy both the town of Asakusa and Tokyo's downtown mood.
03-3842-8780 Closed Tue. Asakusa

Arakawa Yuen
A theme park enjoyable by all the family while also enjoying the downtown atmosphere by taking a ride on the Toden Arakawa Line, the only tram in the city which is still in use. Under the management of Arakawa Ward, entrance fees are very cheap. Adults are 130 yen, Junior High School or under and 65 years or over are free. Inside the park there is a "Rides Square" with 6
different rides including the Big Wheel and a mini coaster. In "Animal Square" you can find small animals.
03-3893-6003 Closed Mon. Toden Arakawa Line : Arakawa Yuen

Tokyo Sesame Place
The theme park for the popular TV program "Sesame Street". Its aim is to have visitors enjoy English and dance with the popular characters usually seen on the TV screen. There are many enjoyable events as well, including the foreign festivals such as "Saturday Program" held every second and fourth Saturday of the month, Halloween and Easter. There is also a shop that is popular for its wide selection of character goods.
Closed Thu. JR Chuo Line / Keio Line : Hachioji Information: 042-595-1152

Unesco Village Dinosaur House
An adventure world which used modern high technology to make this reproduction of this prehistoric world. Your time slip experience starts at the "Preview Theatre" which shows the birth of the universe, Earth and life.
In the zone divided into 7 different ages, you can see 250 actual size dinosaurs moving, roaring and even fighting. A theme park enjoyable for both children and adults.
0429-22-1370 Closed Tue. Seibu Ikebukuro Line : Seibu Dome-mae

A wonderland full of a child's favorite rides. An actual steam engine runs around colorful rides which include a Big Wheel and go cart rides. At "Musashi-no-mura", its wild life is also one of its fascinations with flowers blossoming each season and an area where you can come into contact with small animals.
Closed Wed. Tobu Isezaki Line : Kasu Information : 03-3264-2977

Fujikyu High Land
At the foot of Mount Fuji, it is a spacious theme park filled with thrilling rides. At this park where the 4 roller coasters and other exciting rides are the main attractions, screams can be heard everywhere. Among others "King of Coaster FUJIYAMA" , opened in 1996, is especially popular. Having been certified by the Guiness Book of Records, on weekends, there are long queues of people waiting to experience the terrific height and speed.
0555-24-6888 Closed 3rd Tue. Fuji Kyuko LIne : Fujikyu High Land

Tobu World Square
This park has 102 different miniatures of famous architectures around the world, at exactly 1/25 of the actual size. These fine works that took 5 years to complete were made by one of the best sculptors and an artist. With architectures such as the "Statue of Liberty", "Eiffel Tower" and the Great Pyramids, you can experience different cultures regardless of the boundaries of countries.
0288-77-1000 Open everyday Tobu Kinugawa Line : Kinugawa Onsen

Tokyo Disneyland
Walt Disney's famous dream land. At this theme park where you are greeted by well-known characters, there are many attractions that are enjoyable for children and adults alike. Also attracts visitors from around the world.
Tokyo Disney Land is a theme park that continues to develop. With the shows and parades frequently changing and the number of attractions increasing.
047-354-0001 Open everyday JR Keiyo Line : Maihama

Mukougaoka Yuen
Enjoy a ride on the carousel or merry-go-round, or better yet, go for a little "cruise" on a swan shaped boat.
044-911-4281 Odakyu Line: Mukougaoka Yuen

Sanrio Puroland
Enjoy some fun times with Sanrio's popular character, Hello Kitty. Have even more fun meeting all the other cute Sanrio characters.
Odakyu and Keio Sagamihara Lines: Tama Center

Shinjuku Joypolis
Opened inside Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square, it is the second Sega high-tech amusement park in the city. The park is divided into 4 zones. There are 10 different large attractions using Sega's newest technology such as 3D sound and there are also new medal games. Open until 12pm, you can enjoy both the night view of skyscrapers and the city nightlife.
03-5361-3040 Open everyday Shinjuku

Tokyo Joypolis
An amusement part that covers all of the 3rd to 5th floors of Decks Tokyo Beach, located in the new water front city. Can be enjoyed all year round as it is an all-weather type park. Many thrilling attractions such as "3D sound" and "Time Fall" where you fall from a height of 13m.
03-5500-1801 Open everyday Odaiba kaihin-koen

Namco Nanja Town
At Namco Nanja Town, you can experience 5 different towns which span across many eras. "Fukubukuro 7th block stores" is a reproduction of the 1950s, 1960s downtown scenery of Tokyo. In addition to the many fascinating attractions, there is also a "Rome Square" and a "ghost town".
03-5950-0765 Open everyday Ikebukuro

Neo-geo World
This indoor amusement park located inside a 3 story building, has a wide variety of attractions. There are attractions that can only be experienced at this park, such as a simulator machine, same as the one used at NASA, "MFX2000" and "Witch's Fortune-telling" which are popular among young girls. There are also bowling and karaoke facilities, suitable for enjoying a day out in the suburbs.
0298-41-311 Open everyday JR Joban sen Arakawa-oki

Amazing Square
Features many competitive game-type attractions. The huge maze "You are the Captain" and "Laser Warrior", where you have to fight aliens with a laser gun, are especially popular. There are many other enjoyable attractions including 80 virtual game machines, thrilling rides and sports games.
03-3882-8011 Closed Mon. Wed. Keisei Line: Keisei Sekiya

Namco Wonder Egg 2
This park full of experience-type games is divided into 2 zones, "Wonder Egg" and "Egg Empire". With attractions such as "The Star Audition" which offers you a chance to actually make your star debut and "Wedding Judge" which measures the degree of love for couples, Namco Wonder Egg 2 is enjoyable especially for couples and groups.
03-3700-3451 Open everyday Tokyu Line: Hutako Tamagawa

Imperial Palace East Garden - site of the main part of Edo Castle, it still has the base of the castle's main tower. Stroll and relax and forget you are in the city. 53 acres with landscape gardens and the Imperial Music Hall.
Closed on Mondays and Fridays unless a National holiday falls on that day.
Subway: Takebashi, Otemachi

Shinjuku Gyoen - Extensive grounds with Japanese and European style gardens, a greenhouse and about 20,000 cherry blossom trees.
Subway: Shinjuku Gyoen mae

Hamarikyu Teien - was once the Shogun Tokugawa's hunting ground. The scenery changes with high and low tides. From the east side you can take a boat trip around Tokyo Bay and Sumida River. Closed Mon.
JR Shinbashi station

Meiji Jingu - people usually go from Harajuku station just to visit the inner shrine, but it is worth taking time to wander beneath the 120,000 or so trees. Best in the early morning when it is shrouded in mist. The Japanese garden opens later in the day.
Open every day.
JR Harajuku, Yoyogi stns. Odakyu line: Sangubashi

Kiyosumi Teien
- Also called the stone garden. In Tokyo's downtown area, representative of the Meiji era. The azaleas are in bloom from May.
Open every day.
Subway: Monzen-nacho

Botanical Gardens
Koishikawa Shokubutsuen - Part of the research facilities of Tokyo University. Has thousands of kinds of plants in their natural state.
Closed Mon. Subway: Hakusan

Shizen Kyoikuen - Part of the facilities of the National Science Museum. Natural woodland, good for bird-watching. The Teien Museum is nearby.
Closed Mon. JR Meguro station

Mukojima Hyakkaen - Garden of 100 flowers. Flowers of all seasons, especially good in springtime. Near the Sumida River, it has a downtown atmosphere.
Closed Mon. Subway: Take the Tobu line from Asakusa to Higashi Mukojima station

Jindai Shokubutsuen
- large garden adjoining the Jindai Temple. 100,000 plants of 3,500 varieties, the biggest botanical garden in the East. Flowers of all four seasons. The roses are not to be missed.
Closed Mon. Keio line: Tsutsujigaoka station

Zoological Gardens
Ueno Zoo
Opened in 1882, it was the first zoo in Japan. Over 300 species live within the 14 square meter grounds. Also famous as the first zoo in Japan to have a panda sent from China. Even today, the panda is still the star attraction. Also offers a summer-school and other events.
Closed Mon. JR Ueno station

Tama Dobutsu Koen - a wide, hilly park where animals roam free. The lions are seen from inside a bus. The koala is the favorite.
Closed Mon. Keio line: Tama Dobutsu Koen

Shinagawa Aquarium
The only place in the city where you can enjoy dolphin and sea lion shows. The "Tunnel Water Tank" on the submarine floor/1st floor, is especially famous. From within the 20m long glass tunnel, you can watch huge shoals of 4500 fish, of 37 species, swimming alongside and over the heads of visitors.
03-3762-3431 Closed Tue. Keihin Express Omorikaigan

Kasai Marine Park
A popular spot within Kasai Marine Park. There is a world of fish before your eyes, having come down to the 2nd floor by escalator from the glass-domed shaped entrance which is similar to a greenhouse. The main attraction is the large donut-shaped aquarium which covers both the 1st and 2nd floor. Tuna and bonito fish which are said to be hard to keep in a water tank can be seen here swimming around. There is also a corner where you can observe the habits of penguins, both on land and in water. Of a unique structure, this place offers a different way of enjoying an aquarium.
03-3869-5152 Closed Tue./ Nat. Hol. JR Keiyo SenKasai-Rinkai Station

Features the nation's largest zoo. Animals are kept in environments that are as close to their natural habitat as possible.

Kamogawa Seaworld
The only place near Tokyo where you can enjoy shows by Killer Whales. You can also take pictures and even pet the dolphins.

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Enjoy the large aquarium and various shows and attractions on this little island of fun.
Kanazawa Seaside Line, Hakkeijima Station

Unique Places
See also: Specialist Museums

Kodomo no Shiro - recreation for children. Atrium pool with wide picture screen, play-hall, plastic arts studio, music studio, library, 2 theaters and a hotel-restaurant. Adults can have just as good a time.
Closed Mon. 3797-5665 Aoyama

Fukagawa Edo Shiryoukan - replica of a town from the Edo period. There is a floating ship and a screen showing how the scenery changes from morning to evening. Downtown-style events are held in the hall.
Open every day. 3630-8625 Subway: Monzen-nakacho, near Kiyosumi Park

World Magazine Gallery - 1,300 titles from 50 countries, can be read at leisure or copied.
Closed Sun. & Nat. Hol. 3545-7227 Subway : Higashi Ginza

A Taste of "Home"
You can enjoy a virtual trip around Japan and check out what the various prefectures are famous for, while still being in Tokyo.

Aspam Bussan Tokyo Store - When most people think Aomori prefecture, they think apples. Around 2/3rds of the products in this store have something to do with apples. There are also other products and seasonal products can often be found.
IIdabashi, 03-3237-8371 Closed weekends and holidays.

Iwate Ginga Plaza
- So large you might mistake it for a supermarket. It has everything from sake to rice to meat.
Higashi-Ginza, 03-3524-8282 Open everyday.

Hanamaru Akita Furusato-kan - The large "Namahage" located near the entrance is a very popular sight. The store carries the famous Akita Komachi type of rice and "kiritampo".
Yuurakucho, 03-3211-1775 Closed Sundays and holidays.

Miyagi Prefecture Tourist Products Service Center - Although famous for its "sasakamaboko" and its oysters, here you'll find some unique products including products using cow tongue.
Yaesu, 03-3231-0944 Closed weekends and holidays.

Yamagata Plaza Yutori-gun - The top seller here is "otsukemono". You can also find 50 different types of sake and 20 different types of wine as well as noodles.
Toranomon, 03-3504-8711 Closed weekends and holidays.

Furusato Plaza Tokyo - Taking up the B2, B1 and first floors of La Foret in the middle of Harajuku. It's like the whole of Japan all squeezed into 3 floors.
Harajuku, 03-5413-2310

Here are some others you might want to check out:

Nagano Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Tokyo office Yaesu 03-3214-5620
Furusato Fukushima Corner Ueno 03-3834-6221
Gifu Best Roppongi 03-5771-5223/5225
Furusati Tottori-ya Shibuya 03-5458-5589
Shimane Prefecture Product Society Tokyo Branch Yaesu 03-3212-1091
Hiroshima Yume Terrace
(Hiroshima Dream Terrace)
Shinjuku 03-5333-8550
Tokushima Prefecture Tokyo Product and Tourism Center Yaesu 03-3216-2004
Kouchi Product Society Yaesu 03-3216-2813
Ginza Kumamoto-kan Ginza 03-3572-5022
Shinjuku Miyazaki Konne Shinjuku 03-5333-7764
Kagoshima Yuuraku-kan Yuurakucho 03-3506-9177
Ginza Washita Shop
(Okinawa Prefecture)
Ginza 03-3535-6991

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