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Sports Clubs
Sports clubs have sprung up all over town recently. You can join one of the deluxe members clubs or visit one open to the general public. Choose according to facilities, cost and location. Many places charge an initial registration fee, annual dues and a separate charge for each visit.
Do Sports Plaza 3531-8221 Harumi
3344-1971 Shinjuku Open to members and visitors.
Korakuen Sports Club 3817-6104 Korakuen
YMCA 3293-7011 Kanda Inexpensive, Aikido and Karate facilities
B & G Tokyo Kaiyo Center 3643-3121 Fukagawa With facilities for Kendo, Karate, Aikido
Re-Born Kan 3989-1011
Nautilus Club 3423-0707 Aoyama
Up Studio 3708-6128 Tamagawa
Tipness 3770-3531 Shibuya
5474-3531 Roppongi
Clark Hatch Physical Fitness Center 3584-4092 Azabudai. Men only
United Sports Club 3497-5861 Omotesando
Aoyama Healthy Studio 3475-8181 In Aoyama Bell Commons Facilities for many kinds of dancing.

Each of Tokyo's wards has its own Public Sports Center. They now have facilities for Ju-jitsu Indoor and outdoor practice areas are often provided, as are swimming pools and group and private training rooms.
The entrance fee is very low but time and regulations vary from place to place so check at the desk. For the first visit it is advisable to go with someone who speaks Japanese.

Shinjuku Sports Center 3232-7701 Takadanobaba
Nakano-ku Sports Center 3389-3151 Nakano
Setagaya-ku Sports Center 3417-4276 Okura
Shinagawa-ku Sports Center 3449-3011 Oosaki
Chiyoda-ku Sports Center 3256-8444
Chuo-ku Sports Center 3666-1501 Ningyocho
Minato-Ku Sports Center 3452-4151 Tamachi

There are also other places that are not run by wards.

Tokyo Koseinenkin Sports Center 3416-2611 Setagaya-ku, Okura
Visitors only.
Komazawa Olympic Park General Gym 3421-6121 Komazawa-kouen, Setagaya-ku

Tennis Clubs
At the moment it is quite difficult to get into a good tennis club. Membership fees are high and there is often a waiting list years long. There are a few places, though, that offer short-term membership or allow visitors to enter.

Komazawa Royal Tennis Club 3704-5300 Setagaya-Ku, Fukazawa
Short-term membership, visitor system for non-Japanese
Seijo Lawn Tennis Club 3483-0456 Seijo Gakuen
1-year membership, rent-a-court
Green Eight Tennis Club 3700-8706 Yoga
1-year membership
Keio Tennis Club 0424-82-2666 Chofu city
3-year membership, rent-a-court

Swimming Pools
Most of the clubs mentioned above have their own pools. Other places with pools are:
Nakano Sun Plaza Pools 3388-1151 Nakano
Tokyo Swimming Center 3915-1012 Komagome
Kyobashi Kaikan Pool 3564-0888 Kyobashi
National Gymnasium Pool 3468-1171 Harajuku
Olympic size pool: summer only.
Small pool open all seasons.
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Indoor Pool 5474-2111 Sendagaya
Minato-ku Sports Center Pool 3452-4151 Shibaura
Shiba Pool 3431-4449 Shiba Koen
Kinuta Koen Pool 3700-0414 Kinuta Park
Komazawa Koen Pool 3421-6121 Komazawa Park

Komazawa Olympic Archery Range 3421-6121 In Komazawa Park

Horse riding
Tokyo Abalon Riding School 3701-0573 Noge

Shinagawa Skating Rink 3442-7171 In Shinagawa Prince Hotel
Open all year
Yoyogi National Skating Center 3468-1171 Harajuku
Open from January - February
Meiji Jingu Skating Rink 3403-3456 Sendagaya
Open from October - April

Tokyo Port Bowl 3451-9211 Shibaura
Tokyo Tower Bowling Center 3433-5511 In Shiba Park
Big Box 5272-5207 Takadanobaba
Kourakuen Bowling Center 3817-6115 Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku
Ebisu Grand Bowl 3715-2111 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku
Metro Bowl 0422-21-1181 Kichijoji
Milano Bowl 3200-1722 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku
AMF Plaza Bowl 3962-5050 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku
Okura Bowl 3420-0271 Sakura, Setagaya-ku
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center 5421-7877 Minato-ku

Scuba Diving
Diving Pro Shop PAL 3674-3411 Shinkoiwa
Roy's Diving School 3465-0692 Hatagaya
Tokyo Aqualung Service 3354-0880 Shinjuku
Octopus 0427-29-4341 Machida-shi
Lucky Bay Diver 3623-6078 Kinshicho, Sumida-ku
Seaside 3464-7755 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku

Ichigaya Sports Plaza 3261-6671 Ichigaya

Martial Arts
Karate Japan Karate Assoc. 3462-1415
Judo Kodokan 3818-4172 Suidobashi
Aikido Azabu Dojo 3452-5681 Minami Azabu
Kendo Kyumeikan Dojo 3930-4636 Itabashi
Mita line, Akatsuka
Shoringi Budo Gakuen 3216-5143 Iidabashi

SSaws 047-432-7000 Minami Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture
An indoor ski and snowboard facility. You can rent ski wear and skis, snowboards as well.
Wild Blue Yokohama 045-506-5527 Heian-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
Indoor "resort" with pools, water slides and more.

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